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Welcoming our New Brother Yuxuan "Alexa" Xia of Rho Line

This past weekend, we celebrated the initiation of our new brother, Yuxuan "Alexa" Xia, from Rho line of Delphic of Gamma Sigma Tau Fraternity, Inc. Kappa Chapter at UVA.

Yuxuan has demonstrated his dedication, loyalty and strength to become a brother of the Delphic Family. We, as big brothers are proud by his achievements and dedication during his pledging process. By experiencing the historicial pledging process of Delphic, Alexa has became a true gentleman with knolwedge, responsibility and determination. Welcome, Alex, to join the life-long brotherhood with us. Congratulations!

Delphic is a multicultural fraternity since 1871. Our next rush is at the 1st week of the school. We welcome all ethnicity and nationalities to share this valuable experience, and more importantly, life-long brotherhood. Please look out to our rush flyers, and come out to our parties to get to know our brothers, and the historic organization.

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