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Welcome and Congratulations, Pi Line at Kappa Chapter of Gamma Sigma Tau

On October 31, 2016, we initiated 4 brothers of Pi Line in Kappa Chapter of Gamma Sigma Tau Inc. at UVA. They are Mingjie "Slowbro" Chen, Peicong "Scarecrow" Zhang, Jiayuan "GumTau" Dong, and Zichu "Tigga" Wang.

We are happy to see 4 determined, reliable, and hardworking to join the brotherhood of Delphic, and we are more than happy to share this joy with you. Welcome and Congratualtions, you crossed.

Delphic is a multicultural fraternity since 1871. Our next rush is at the 1st week of the school. We welcome all ethnicity and nationalities to share this valuable experience, and more importantly, life-long brotherhood. Please look out to our rush flyers, and come out to our parties to get to know our brothers, and the historic organization.

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